Understanding Breakups: The Most Common Reasons Why Relationships End

A breakup is a difficult and painful experience, but an inevitable one for most people at some point their lives. In the aftermath of a breakup, you may have intense feelings of grief or anger, and you may struggle to understand why it happened. Of course, no two relationships are identical, and there is no one-size-fits-all explanation for what went wrong. However, researchers who have studied breakups have found some common threads that run throughout most breakup stories.

One of the most common reasons why couples break up is a lack of shared expectations about the relationship. For example, one person may expect to get married while the other person prefers to date casually. One person may long for children while their partner has no intention of becoming a parent. At the beginning of a relationship, when two people feel very happy together and in sync with each other, each person may assume the other shares their hopes and dreams. But when they find their dreams are in conflict, they may need to break up.

Another very common cause of breakups is poor communication. This problem shows up when couples face a conflict. When arguments turn into fights and partners say hurtful things to each other, the relationship takes damage, especially if the fight is not productive in resolving the conflict. On the other hand, when one or both partners try to ignore problems due to a fear of conflict, they build up feelings of resentment that can eat away at the relationship. When a relationship takes enough damage, the two people are no longer happy with each other and often break up.

A third cause of breakups is dishonesty. One of the most dangerous forms that dishonesty takes is cheating. In attempting to hide an illicit relationship, one member of a couple will inevitably do and say things that provoke their partner’s suspicion. Whether or not the infidelity comes to light, the bond of trust between the couple will break down. Dishonesty is almost always a means of hiding something, whether an affair, a money problem, or some other secret. Keeping secrets, no matter what the reason, frequently leads to a breakup.

Even when you understand the reason for a breakup, it’s a difficult thing to cope with. For more advice and insights on surviving breakups, visit TheDatingFactory.co.