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Does Marriage Counseling Work? There are so many people out there who still wonder if marriage counseling really does work. The answer to this question is more often than not subjective. Marriage counseling has over time saved marriages that were doomed to fail. Others have however condemned marriage counseling arguing that it made their marriage take a turn for the worse. A lot of things need to be considered beforehand in order to make sure that marriage counseling is the best route to be taken to fix a troubled marriage. For marriage counseling to work, both the husband and the wife need to agree to go through the marriage counseling process with a positive attitude. It is common in a marriage counseling session to find a wife that is eager to go through the counseling in order to save the relationship and marriage while on the other hand, the husband has little to no interest in the marriage counseling sessions. Marriage issues can rarely be solved under such kinds of circumstances. It is a known fact all over the world that it takes two to make a marriage work. The current condition of the marriage is also another very important consideration when it comes to finding out whether or not the marriage will improve. Are the husband and the wife working on their own to try and improve their current situation in the marriage? Are both parties still in love with each other regardless of their current situation? Is there a possibility that maybe the husband or the wife is no longer interested in saving the marriage? Most doomed marriages have signs that show that they cannot be fixed even with the help of marriage counseling such as both the parties not being in love anymore, not wanting to fix underlying issues in the marriage, and having a need to revenge.
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Couples that approach marriage counseling with a positive mindset specifically focused on finding solutions to the problems in the marriage and are willing to listen and trust the marriage counselors are more often than not successful. There are also married couples who realize very early in their marriage that there are underlying problems and seek professional help before it’s too late. Love and respect between the married couple may also greatly aid in the success of marriage counseling. Certain studies that have recently been conducted have also shown that some situations of marriage counseling often work better than others.
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Couples that are still young and have been married for a short time are more likely to solve their issues in marriage through marriage counseling as opposed to couples that are older according to studies. Young couples can easily and quickly change bad habits that are straining the marriage as opposed to older couples.