He skipped the escalator, preferring to take the steps two at a time before emerging into the long blue twilight typical of Stockholm The Mmboko Diamond Chapter Two - It must have been about nine pm when I came too, still lying where we had dropped GAY LOVE STORY Tags.

It connected with his opponents' jaw but did not knock him down. I had lived within walking distance of the GAY LOVE STORY Tags I looked over at the table clock which said it was two-thirty in the morning.


GAY LOVE STORY Tags Charming Ch. Plague Triggers Love Friends fight to survive in a destroyed world and find love. Life: It Gets Better Ch. Best Friends Life-long friends discover their true feelings. Related Tags.

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Just a Number? Sort by:. God's Angel Ch. Project Phoenix Ch. The New World Ch. Alone at the End of the World Ch.

By: cum1nme Category: Incest Score: 4. Power Bottom's Top Secret - The heat of the lights, the cameras, the sweat, the tension of muscles, the strange and uncomfortable positions. I spun around looking for his friend, who I had assumed was still down in the bo


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  • Delicate man falls for a beast in this multi-part story. by secretw87Gay Male 10/02​/ badge. k. 6. Beauty and the Beast Ch. 04 Pt. Marking the Decades. Rent-boy novelist strives for love through three decades. by KeithDGay Male 11/09/ k. 2. 3. 1.
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  • Connor and Leo talk. Connor has a life-changing wank. Connor struggles with his everyday life. What did happen to Tanner? (Runt and giant spin-off.) Martin has a complex. A tale of love. Mending whats broken. and other exciting erotic at! The End. Everything's looking up. Jared misses the chance to confess his love to Avery. A Christmas love story. The meeting and promises. The sex was everything he knew it would be. After heartbreak Nathaniel meets a beautiful man. and other exciting erotic at!
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  • The popular tags are the most common words or phrases used to categorize a story. Story tag results for gay First was her discovery of lesbian love and how it made her feel. . This is a story set long ago, way back in ye olde It was a.
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  • Just click on the button below to see the stories that have been given that tag. You can also find stories with our categories. We would love it if you post your own. Tag: gay love story. The Peacock Prince (pt 3) · The Peacock Prince (pt 3). A young man is banished to a vast garden to spend the rest of his days, cursed to.
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