Group Therapy For Gay Men in Portland, OR

In addition to being a therapist, I have OR at National conferences, on the OR and to general audiences in person and on the radio speaking on the topics of sexuality, diversity, spirituality, clearing clutter, and parenting. Portland Portland, OR Motherless Daughters with Children Parenting, Loss or Grief Being a new mother is already challenging but new motherhood without your own mother to support and encourage you is overwhelming.

Listing date: Nov My approach to therapy tends to be educational; I enjoy sharing resources, tools and handouts as well as conversing with clients. Looking for more?

If an opening becomes available, you will be notified by email. We frequently talk about what makes a satisfying sex life. Listing date: February Puzzled by tantrums and poor sleep? Meets pm on Wednesdays or Thursdays depending on interest, contact for more info! When I opened my private practice I had Group Therapy For Gay Men in Portland in community mental health, medical and crisis settings.

Group is an exploratory space in which members share thoughts and feelings, share needs OR frustrations in service to learning about themselves, their impact on others, and to gathering new ways of engaging with others that create more satisfaction in life.

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Usually in the beginning, as a group is forming, there is a certain amount of discomfort among everyone as things can be a little formal as men are trying to get a sense of their place in the group. The group therapist is required to keep everything said in group confidential as he or she would with things discussed in individual therapy.

Like a lot of things, though, the amount of effort you exert in group will be reflected in the outcome you obtain. Is getting accustomed to the group challenging? Everyone is encouraged to be as present as possible and to be engaged in the process. Tranz Guys PDX A peer-led social support and discussion group that meets on the third Sunday of every month from 6 OR 8 p.

Be aware of what you avoid talking about in the group. This awareness helps us better understand unhealthy and healthy dynamics we OR prone to creating e.

  • An interpersonal therapy group is a group of people usually 6 — 8 people who meet together weekly with a therapist to work through relational issues that lead to psychological symptoms or dissatisfaction in relationships. Each group session lasts for 90 minutes.
  • We're a collective of Portland metro area mental health professionals.
  • General Information:
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I need at least 6 participants for the group to begin. Groups meet bi-weekly and are running on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from pm- pm. Some scholarships available. Listing date: May Increasing Personal Productivity Would you like to work more efficiently and recharge without guilt?

This group includes art therapy, verbal discussion, and specific tools and resources.

Group Therapy For Gay Men in Portland, OR

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