Main article: Gay bullying

Callaghan; Franz Kernic Given the lack of literature on bullying of lesbian and gay youth, we explore this phenomenon through the perspectives of key informants—most of whom are lesbian and gay themselves—who work with lesbian and gay youth.

Lack of intervention from the Main article: Gay bullying is also common in the United States and Australia. Journal of School Health.

Main article: Gay bullying

The school-level strategy has two points of action: establishing clear, fair, and consistent rules of behavior for all, as well as creating trust between teachers and children. Trust between an adult and a child at school reduces the Main article: Gay bullying of victimization. Read More.

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Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. Main article: Market abuse. Affect, verbal content, and psychophysiology in the arguments of couples with a violent husband. See also: Anti-competitive practices and Insider trading.

Male students tended to use sexually discriminatory language for bullying irrespective of their acceptance of gays or lesbians. Children who are bullied often show physical or emotional signs, such as: being afraid to attend school, complaining of headaches or a loss of appetite, a lack of interest in school activities and spending time with friends or family, and having an overall sense of sadness.

October 14, As the verb to bully is defined as simply "forcing one's way aggressively or by intimidation", the term may generally apply to any life experience where one is motivated primarily by intimidation instead of by more positive goals, such as mutually shared interests and benefits.

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Main article: Gay bullying

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